Emmy4Yvonne has officially hit our financial goal of
$3600 USD !!!
We would like to express our gratitude for
continued contributions and support. Thank you so much!

First of all we here at Emmy4Yvonne.com want to thank you all for your kind words and the great support we have received since this site began about a month ago. It has been such a joy to see and feel the appreciation we all have for the amazing Yvonne Strahovski. We have a lot of interesting ideas and plans to continue to grow the site and expand our campaign to get Yvonne the recognition she justly deserves. But we need your help, your ideas and your support to make this dream a reality.

We also want to thank Yvonne for recognizing our efforts on her behalf and let her know that our campaign has only just begun.

We are now announcing Phase 2 of that campaign.

The first part of Phase 2 is our most ambitious project yet. We are hoping to raise funds for a fan purchased ad to be placed in Emmy magazine, the magazine of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, showing our belief that Yvonne Strahovski deserves an Emmy nomination for her incredible work on Chuck. These funds will be raised by donation via a link on this site.

The goal for this fundraiser is to raise $3600 over the next few months to purchase a half page ad in 2 issues of Emmy magazine this spring.

We have received approval from Emmy magazine to purchase such an ad as a fan based non-profit effort. When we reach the first $1800 we will buy the first ad and then hopefully be able to raise the additional funds to purchase the second ad when we reach the final goal. We are suggesting small donations of $1, $5 or $10 so that we can hopefully attract as many fans as possible to participate.

If we fail to reach our goal or we exceed the necessary amount with this or any other future fund raising activities, all monies will be donated to a charity we decide.

So this is a great opportunity to support Yvonne on multiple levels. So please, we hope that even in these economic times you may be able to help with a small donation to support this effort in a very tangible way.

We will also be announcing new Facebook and YouTube efforts shortly along with some other great surprises. We invite all questions and comments about this effort and that you will join us in what we hope will be a successful campaign. Let's get the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences members to reward this incredibly talented actress with a richly deserved Emmy nomination.

The Emmy4Yvonne.com Team

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