my involvement:
i'm the founder and webmaster of after watching episode 4:9 i was so fascinated and emotionally affected by yvonne's acting performance that i decided to do something so that she gets the recognition she deserves - an Emmy nomination. was born and the rest is history.

what i do:
i am working as a consultant for information worker solutions with microsoft sharepoint in switzerland - yes switzerland - the place where the air is so clean and the chocolate is so milky (Episode 4:8 - chuck vs. the fear of death).

favorite chuck quotes:
sarah: [to chuck] don't freak out / stay in the car

sarah: [to chuck] thank you for saving me. i appreciated the tank.
sarah: you are still my chuck.

sarah: general, chuck and i are dating. exclusively

chuck: [refering to the tiger] why didn't you shoot him? he was about to eat me!
sarah: you said he was majestic!

chuck: sarah, switzerland is amazing. i mean, other than the fact that this place is populated with a crowd of international psychopaths, the air is so fresh and the chocolate? so milky.


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