my involvement:
i have always been a big fan of yvonne and the sarah walker character is my favorite on the show. but after watching 4.09 i knew i had to try and do something to help her get the recognition she deserves. as many of us were talking about an emmy nod for the performance i came up with the emmy4yvonne hastag and started tweeting it to my 80 or so followers. chuck_wagon happened to be one and liked mine so he picked it up and then it really took off. but i didn't want to stop there.

what i do:
i am in engineering management and yes, i am a nerd. i am an avid boater and love being on the water with my family and friends. i am also involved with www.katharinefans.com a fan site for zach's friend and duet partner katharine mcphee.

favorite chuck quotes:
sarah: you're my home chuck, you always have been.

sarah: i'm different without chuck and i don't like it.

chuck: i think i've found the one.

sarah: that's pretty eloquent for 9am.
chuck: what can i say i am an articulate schnook!
sarah: lucky for me!
chuck: i could be your own personal baggage handler.

casey: don't puke on the c4!

sarah: shut up and kiss me!


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