my involvement:
i tweeted #emmynomyvonne the morning after episode 4:9. soon after i read uplink2's version which was #emmy4yvonne and told my followers to skip mine and go with uplink's. i have over 1000 followers on twitter including some of the cast, and most of them are chuck fans. it just boomed from there.

what i do:
i am a graphic and web designer by trade as well as the owner of, an entertainment website. i am a professional actor in san francisco (subway, hp, lyric, holiday inn) and i love all things related to producing films and shorts including amateur 3-d graphics and animation.

favorite chuck quotes:
chuck: "i'd rather be hit in the produce section again than go back to that campus."

"don't freak out"

morgan: "you are the disease and I am the cure"

"unleash the casey"

gen beckman: it's about damn time

sarah: you are still my chuck.


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