my involvement:
most of you know me as bailey or as @littlechuckfan on twitter but just in case you don't, here's my story.

i am a big fan of chuck and especially yvonne strahovski who plays sarah walker. sarah walker is tough, fights for what she believes in and has a heart of gold (even if she can't always show it). if you ask me, there is no one else could play sarah walker. i believe the part was made for yvonne.

as a kid, i really look up to yvonne because she is talented, hard working and just about the nicest person you will ever meet. she works hard to bring awareness and support to dog rescue and adoption by working with peta and ken-mar rescue. she's a great role model and i am very proud to be her fan.

i have been campaigning for the last year to get yvonne on the ellen show. the #yvonneonellen facebook group page has over 2,000 members who believe that yvonne strahovski should be a guest on ellen's show.

last spring, i was able to raise $5,210 for st. jude children's research hospital through donations from chuck fans all over the world. i have hopes of reaching that same goal again this spring.

I'm also a proud part of the we heart chuck team which has raised money for both the american heart association and most recently, operation smile. chuck fans are the most generous fans in the world.

when i watched chuck vs. phase three for the first time, i cried, cheered and then cried some more. yvonne strahovski is amazing and that episode proves it. it is my absolute favorite one of the series so far.

when i heard that someone created #emmy4yvonne, i thought it was a terrific idea. yvonne deserves recognition for all her hard work and talent on chuck. i proudly made my donation in support. when the #emmy4yvonne teamed asked me to join, i proudly said yes!!!

what i do:
i'm 10 years old and i'm currently in the fifth grade.

favorite chuck quotes:
Tons of them but here are my top 3 (Sarah Walker ones, of course)

"You're still Chuck. You're still MY Chuck." (Sarah Walker, Chuck vs. the Other Guy)

"Anyone else wanna be my boyfriend?" (Sarah Walker, Chuck vs. Phase Three)

"Shut up and Kiss Me!" (Sarah Walker, Chuck vs. the Other Guy)


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