my involvement:
well, i was late coming to the chuck universe. i got my first netflix disc after season two and by the end of the pilot Ii was on amazon ordering the entire first season. since then i have been an avid fan of both the show and its awesome cast. last year on a whim I decided to test my editing skills on a chuck promo. the result was "emails to ellie" which a friend persuaded me to post on youtube. the response was amazing and my chuck promo channel was officially born. thanks to those of you who have been watching!

recently i was asked to join the team here at emmy4yvonne. I quickly agreed to help out where i can (though i'll continue promoting chuck as well, no worries!). yvonne strahovski is an amazing talent and she certainly deserves an emmy nomination. she deftly handles comedy, action and drama and it's about time she (and the show) get some awards recognition.

what i do:
i have a day job that i quite enjoy, but in my free time i tend to edit - a Lot (who knew promos took so long to make?). i also love writing, photography and karate.

favorite chuck quotes:
chuck: can you be awesome?

sarah: You're still my Chuck.

casey: you picked a good one walker, finally.

and because it makes me laugh every time I hear it…
ellie: words taste like peaches.


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