my involvement:
all of my friends call me bubbles so feel free to call me that if that floats your boat. like many people i hadn't known the wonderfulness that is called "chuck" until my friend sam had got me to start watching it. i had seen the pilot when it aired and i liked it but i have never been good with times and forgot about it. the next episode i saw was "chuck vs the pink slip" and at that point i was completely lost. in two days i was completely caught up and haven't regretted it once. the journey with this show has been excited and has never had a dull moment.

i had started to advertise the show the moment i got hooked. i remember i had decided to start watching two days before comic con and luckily when i got to the panel i was caught up and was so pumped up to get to see what was in store for season 4 and they have defiantly not let us down on their end of it. it has been everything i thought and more. especially with "chuck vs the phase three" we got to see what sarah was like without chuck and i'm sure none of us liked her like that.

once i had found out about i wanted to do anything that i could do to help out this cause. making a few quick yvonne videos to help get the site out there and known among the chuck fans, a few pictures here and there on tumblr and so on. i believe that yvonne does deserve an emmy for what she does and brings to this show as well as many other things. yvonne strahovski has many talents and she should be acknowledged for that and she is well if i may say she is awesome. this seems to be the most over looked show on tv. hopefully all of the fans can help to make a difference with this.

what i do:
i am currently attending college and in what free time i get i am either watching chuck or making videos. i had started making videos a little over a year ago and i love making videos. though, i still have a lot to learn. it is one of my few passions though i don't think i would ever make it into a career or really anywhere near the hollywood industry i still like to have it as a hobby and a stress releaser.

favorite chuck quotes:
bryce: hello, chuck.
chuck: sarah and casey are right inside. one girlish scream from me and they go into combat mode

morgan: look, ellie, i would pretty much do anything for you. you're kind of like a sister to me. a sister i want to have sex with so bad.

general beckman: i wanted to have a private word with you... pardon the intrusion
chuck: on this moment or my life in general?

chuck: look, for whatever it's worth, if i have to spend the rest of my days in a dark windowless room, i can't think of a better person to spend it with.

chuck: well, then i think my country might have the wrong number, 'cuz i'm just chuck bartowski, not a hero.

sarah: chuck, i fell in love with you after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with computer viruses.


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