Phase Three began with a dream.

As we now begin Phase Three of Emmy4Yvonne we also begin with a dream. A dream to bring fans from all over the world together to show their support for one goal, an Emmy nomination for Yvonne Strahovski.

Phase Three showed us who she was and who she wanted to be.

We all saw who she was, a uniquely talented actress who had yet to be recognized for just how gifted she truly is. She would never have asked us to do this but we see who we want her to be, an Emmy nominated actress.

Phase Three taught us to never give up.

We began our mission to see if we could get the Academy to take notice and we banded together to raise money to buy ads to help get that attention. In just a few days we had easily reached that goal and this month we submitted those ads for publication. All because we never gave up.

Phase Three taught us how to finish this and bring it home.

Our mission has yet to be completed. Now its time to get everyone involved on a more personal level. The video and picture mosaic projects we are beginning will help bring a successful finish to what so many great fans have started. We also have other plans that over the next few weeks and months will continue to grow this movement until we finish this. It's time to bring it home, to bring home that nomination for her.

Phase Three showed us the power of love.

We will also be having weekly mini-missions that will bring the power of our love and appreciation for Yvonne's talent to an even wider audience. Nothing could stop the power of Sarah's love that Yvonne so brilliantly showed us. And nothing can stop the power of love for her work from all over the globe.

Phase Three brought us the magic.

So we ask all of the great fans who have joined with us and all of you who still want to help to be a part of this mission. Through your voice and creative talents, you can support Yvonne and show the members of the Academy just how talented she truly is. So don't just say you think she deserves the nomination, get involved and show her and the world just how you feel. Sarah Walker saved Chuck's life and helping Yvonne gain an Emmy nomination will help #SaveChuck.

Now - it's YOUR turn

Follow the instructions posted here and here and let's bring Yvonne Strahovski that magic moment of hearing her name read as a nominee for Best Actress because she truly is.

Instructions and guidelines for creating your Emmy4Yvonne Road Trip video:


Download and print the official Emmy4Yvonne Road Trip sign found only on


Plan your shot - remember this is a "road trip" around the world so make sure to include a creative background unique to you in order to show Phase 3 as a real journey.


Tell the world why YOU think Yvonne Strahovski deserves an Emmy. Yvonne's performance affects us all in different ways, this is your chance to make your voice heard so make sure to be creative in your responses.


Follow the example video (listed below) - remember to accept the sign from YOUR RIGHT and pass off to YOUR LEFT


Upload the video as a response to our video found on the official Emmy4Yvonne YouTube channel.
Send us your YouTube link via e-mail

Remember - videos should be short, to the point, and run smoothly with the others. Also include your support for #savechuck to get season 5!

Example Video

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