Chuck fans have long admired the talents of all of the great actors on the show, their chemistry together and how each has brought such great depth to these characters we love so much.

However because of the fact that the show is so unique with great elements of comedy, drama and action it tends to get ignored at awards time. So we have decided to try and help change that for one of the actors in particular, Yvonne Strahovski.

Yvonne consistently gives some of the best performances on network television each and every week. She has brought Sarah Walker to life and made her one of the most intriguing and multi-leveled characters on the small screen of this or any season. But it was her brilliant portrayal of Sarah's search for the man she loved in episode 4.09 Chuck VS Phase Three (rewatch episode 4.09 online) that moved us all to action.

Yvonne's performance in that episode may have been the best performance by any actor in this or many other seasons. Whether it was the incredible action sequences or the raw emotion of losing and then finally finding the person she wants and needs so badly in her life, Yvonne took it to a level rarely seen on network television.

It truly was Emmy worthy.

So we the fans have decided to try and respectfully raise the awareness among the Academy members, the entertainment media and the public in general to what an incredible talent Yvonne Strahovski truly is. She is something very special and deserves all the recognition she can get.

Over the next few months we will be using Twitter, fan sites, bloggers and all other social networking tools to try and get the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to honor Yvonne with a much deserved Emmy nomination for lead actress in a series.

To do that we need your help.

All suggestions are welcome and any and all involvement in whatever way you can is needed and appreciated. So please lets all work together and get an Emmy4Yvonne!

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